Descendants of James Ellen

Names and Location connected with the ELLEN family

  • Brewer – CORNWALL, England; Wooragee – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Crack – Winfarthing, East Harling – NORFOLK, England
  • Ellen – KENT, England
  • Plumb – KENT, England

Descendants of James ELLEN

I.1    James ELLEN. Married to Jane PLUMB (Plum). From this marriage:

  1. William ELLEN (see also II.1).

William Ellen

William Ellen.

II.1    William ELLEN, Miner, born 25 August 1828 Kent, England, died 1911 Beechworth, Vic, Australia, marr. 6 May 1873 Beechworth, Vic, Australia to Sarah Ann CRACK (Jessup, Cook, Krapp), born 7 March 1847, chr. 11 Jul 1847 East Harling, Norfolk, UK, died 21 July 1933, daughter of Thomas COOKE, Farmer, and Maria CRACK. From this marriage:

  1. Albert Jacob ELLEN (Beau), born 6 October 1874. Marr. to Ethel OTTRY (Et).
  2. Clara Maria ELLEN, born 13 April 1877, died 12 July 1955. Marr. to Eugean Thomas FARRELLY (Owen), born 31 October 1881, died 7 July 1960.
  3. Edgar ELLEN (Ed), born 1880, died 7 September 1963 Wangaratta, bur. Wangaratta Cemetery, marr. 13 April 1921 Wangaratta to Louisa May KNEEBONE, born 18 May 1894 Whorouly, died 1984, bur. Wangaratta Cemetery.
  4. Rosa-Jane ELLEN (see also III)
  5. Daisy Agnes ELLEN, born 1887, died 15/11/1978, marr. 2 December 1910 to Walter Charles WELLS, born 21 January 1884, died 14 August 1966.
  6. William Alfred ELLEN
Rosa-Jane Ellen. My grandmother.

Rosa-Jane Ellen. My grandmother.

III Rosa-Jane ELLEN, born 12 November 1882 in Murmungee, Vic, Australia, died 5 August 1957 Wangaratta , bur. Wangaratta Cemetery, marr.12 October 1904 in Murmungee to David BREWER, Labourer, woodcutter, miner, contractor, shearer, born 1 May 1876 Wooragee, Vic, Australia, died 28 March 1930 Wangaratta, bur. Wangaratta Cemetery, son of William BREWER, Orchard farmer, Carter, and Elizabeth FRANCIS, Housewife. From this marriage:

  1. Edna Rosalie BREWER.
  2. Mabel Isabel BREWER.
  3. Daisy Francis Ellen BREWER .
  4. David Vincent Godwin BREWER (Vince).
  5. William Norman BREWER (Bill) .
  6. Unus Adala BREWER (Uni) .
  7. Thelma Sarah Doris BREWER, born 6 May 1922 Wangaratta, Died 20 June 1935, bur. Eldorado Cemetery, Victoria.
  8. John Bernard BREWER (Jack).

13 thoughts on “Descendants of James Ellen

  1. Hi Sue, wow what great work you have done. I’ve been researching for about 8 years now, still have a long way to go! I’m descended from William and Sarah Ellen (my great x 2 grandparents). Their son Albert was my great grandfather (married Ethel Ellen Ottrey). Albert and Ethel’s son Reginald Ellen was my grandfather (married Nellie Henderson) and my dad being Cliff Ellen (son of Reg and Nellie). I recently did a trip to Beechworth and loved it. Saw the gravesite of Maria and Edward Jessup, and found Ellens Lane on the Buckland Gap Road. Unfortunately I didn’t find the gravesites of William and Sarah. Had a great trip though and hope to go back soon. Have you read ‘The Baarmutha Story’ by Joan Hilderbrand?…it mentions Ellens and Jessups in it. I will look forward to reading your ‘From Eldorado to Cornwall’. Kind regards…Susie

  2. Hi Susie,
    Thanks for the comments.
    Your dad actually contacted me a few years ago after coming across my website.
    Years ago when my dad was staying at the Repat hospital, mum and I used to stay with Val Ellen.
    No, I haven’t read the Baarmutha Story.

  3. Hi Susie,
    You have been very busy. I can’t believe how quickly time passes and how little I know of my family, although recently a few pieces of information have come to hand.
    I am the grand daughter of Clara Maria Ellen. My mother was Eugene Clare (Jean) Farrelly who married John Robertson of Lower Buckland Valley near Porepunkah (about half an hour from Beechworth). Jean had three daughters Janice McCormack, Lynette Martin and myself. Clara Ellen also had a second daughter Elwyn Merle who has no surviving children. Both my mother and aunt are deceased. My sisters live in Porepunkah and I spend my time between Ascot Vale (Melbourne) and Porepunkah.

    • Hi Claire,

      I’m amazed that since I’ve updated my website you are the third connection to the Ellen family who has contacted me.
      It’s great to make some more connections and find out some new information to fill the gaps in the tree.
      I know Porepunkah – my sister lived there for a short time years ago. My mother was born in Bright and my father at Lower Buckland.


    • Hello Claire, my name is Dawn Cowley and I am currently working on my book on the Jessup family. I’d be delighted if you could contact me – at your convenience re our family history.
      Cheers, Dawn

  4. Hi Sue, I am the daughter of Kenneth Ellen, son of Edgar and Louisa (May) Ellen
    My father is 89 years of age. We are hoping there will be anEllen reunion in Murmungee in March 1914. Which will be his 90 th birthday celebration.
    His health isn’t the best at times, but who knows. If you would like to speak to him, email me at He has a wealth of info.
    Happy Easter to you


    • Hi Sue. I am Denise. My father used to visit His Uncle Ed and Auntie May at Murmungee in the holidays and he used to knock around with your father Ken who was his first cousin. We have some photos of the two of them together. My father was Douglas Hutchinson. Doug’s mother Irene was May’s sister. We used to go on picnics with Grandma Irene and Great Auntie May when I was a kid.

      Denise Grant

  5. My Great Auntie Violet Jones married William Alfred Ellen. May years ago I was given a copy of typed pages written by Ivy Elmer and her reminising about Murmungee. I retyped it out and put it online. Regards Kathryn
    From those pages

    ” Long before this my Aunt Violet (James Jones youngest daughter first marriage) was married from the home. I remember standing in the yard and seeing her coming out in her wedding dress. All I can remember was her little white satin shoes. She married an Ellen and went to live not far from Auntie Nellie (her step mother) in a new house costing 200 0r 250 pounds to build it was said. I used to go to see her in her new home the usual 4 rooms and built on kitchen. I can remember very much earlier Bell Hamilton my cousin being married in the same house. It was when we lived with our father and mother in our house about a stones throw away. When Bell visited her mother with her first son (W Kneebone) I thought he was wonderful. One day I was half carrying and half dragging him to our place. I suppose I was about 5 0r 6. Bell had such a lovely, kind, pleasant face.”

  6. Hi my husbands cousins mother was related to the CRACK family . Her mothers name was ELIZABETH BAINBRIDGE nee FERGUSON . Her mother was ETHEL SELINA CRACK. born in 1891 in Norfolk and died in County Durham. 1970. Her father was BENJAMIN CRACK born in
    Norfolk in1863 and died in1923. ETHEL had a brother who was killed at the battle of Ypres in 1915 . He was 19 years old . His name was PERCY ALEXANDER CRACK..
    I wonder where this family are attached to yours and would be grateful for any information..

    • Hi Denise,
      I have very little information about the CRACK branch of my tree.
      Maria Crack was my Great x2 Grandmother. She was born in Norfolk, I’m assuming East Harling or close to there, as she was christened in East Harling
      She married Edmund Jessup in East Harling before moving to Australia.
      The only information prior to Maria was her parents, Thomas Crack and Sarah Garnham. Sarah was born in Winfarthing, Norfolk.
      At this point in time I have not searched any other information.

      Sorry I can’t help you any further.

  7. hi Sue thanks for your reply . I am going to print the THOMAS CRACK
    FAMILY TREE you have put on line for my husbands cousin.
    She will be delighted . Regards Denise

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