Descendants of Thomas Gribble

Old Coinage Hall, Truro.

Old Coinage Hall, Truro.

There are a number of variations on the spelling of the name GRIBBLE. Some of these include GRIBBELL, GRIBLE, GRYBELL, GRYBBELL and GREBELL.

There is some belief that the GRIBBLE name originally came from Devon County. Research on my GRIBBLE line, going back to the 1500’s, begins in Cornwall. It appears the Gribbles have a strong connection to mining—as many Cornish people did. My great x3 grandfather, William Gribble, was a tin miner near Truro, in Cornwall. His son’s, Elijah (my great x2 grandfather) and Edwin, immigrated to Australia, where they too pursued a life of mining. They settled in north-east Victoria, in and around Wandiligong. My great grandfather, William Henry Gribble, continued the mining tradition, discovering the Juvenile gold mine near Home Reef.

Names and Locations connected with the GRIBBLE family

  • Butcher – Camborne – CORNWALL, England
  • Grenville – Brighton – SUSSEX, England; Growler’s Creek, VICTORIA, Australia
  • Gribble – Sancreed, Camborne, Illogan, Chacewater, Creegbrawse, Kenwyn – CORNWALL, England; Growler’s Creek, Wandiligong – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Harvey – Kenwyn – CORNWALL, England
  • Higgins – Stanley – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Michell – Redruth – CORNWALL, England
  • Nankervis – St Just in Penwith – CORNWALL, England
  • Player – Westminster – MIDDLESEX, England
  • Voco– Redruth – CORNWALL, Englan

Descendants of Thomas GRYBELL

I.1    Thomas GRYBELL. Married to Unknown. From this marriage:

  1. Richard GRYBBELL, born ~1584 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 16 April 1584 . Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  2. Willyam GRYBBELL (see also II.2).
  3. Elizabeth GRYBBELL, born ~1587 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 18 January 1588 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  4. .Thomas GRYBELL, born ~1590 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 11 February 1590 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  5. .Sissily GRYBELL, born ~1592 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 5 March 1592 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  6. Cherytye GRYBELL, born ~1594 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 12 August 1594 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  7. Joyas GRYBELL, born ~1594 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 4 January 1595 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.

II.2    Willyam GRYBBELL, born ~1586 in Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, christened on 25 February 1586 in Sancreed, Cornwall, UK. Married to Elizabeth. From this marriage:

  1. Sissiley GRIBLE, born ~1620 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 3 June 1620 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  2. Thomas GRIBBELL, born ~1623 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 20 April 1623 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK. Marr. 22 July 1662 Phillack, Cornwall, UK to Elizabeth HARRY.
  3. Christian GRIBLE, born ~1625 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 12 November 1625 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  4. William GRIBLE (Grebel, Gribbel) (see also III.5).
  5. Mary GRIBLE, born ~1634 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 30 March 1634 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.
  6. Joane GRIBBELL, born ~1637 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 4 March 1637 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK.

III.5    William GRIBLE (Grebel, Gribbel), born ~1630 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, chr. 1630 Sancreed, Cornwall, UK, died Dec 1703 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, bur. 16 December 1703 Camborne, Cornwall, UK. Marr. 7 September 1657 Camborne, Cornwall, UK to Catherine (Katheryn) BUTCHER, born ~1640 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 4 April 1640 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, died July 1728 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, bur. 13 July 1728 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, dau. of William BUTCHER and Margery GLANVILL. From this marriage:

  1. Margery GREBELL, born ~1658 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 4 January 1658 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  2. Elizabeth GREBELL, born ~1658 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 1 March 1660 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  3. William GRIBBEL, born ~1662 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 8 June 1662 Camborne, Cornwall, UK. Marr. 10 November 1688 Camborne, Cornwall, UK to Elizabeth RODGERS.
  4. Arthur GRIBELL, born ~1665 Camborne, chr. 28 December 1665 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  5. Richard GREBELL (Gribble) (see also IV.6).
  6. John GREBELL, born ~1671 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 15 April 1671 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  7. Katheryn GRIBELL, born ~1673 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 31 August 1673 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  8. Dorcas GRIBELL, born ~1676 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 27 August 1676 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  9. Jane GREBELL, born ~1679 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 4 March 1679 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.
  10. Benjamin GREBELL, born ~1682 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 26 March 1682 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, died April 1683 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, bur. 5 April 1683 Camborne, Cornwall, UK.

IV.6    Richard GREBELL (Gribble), born ~1668 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, chr. 7 December 1668 Camborne, Cornwall, UK, died Feb 1736 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, bur. 8 February 1736 Illogan, Cornwall, UK. Marr. 9 November 1689 Camborne, Cornwall, UK to Margery. From this marriage:

  1. Benjamin GRIBBELL (Gribble) (see also V.1).
  2. William GRIBBEL, born ~1703 Cornwall, UK, chr. 24 January 1703 Cornwall, UK.
  3. James GRIBBEL, born ~1705 Cornwall, UK, chr. 15 September 1705 Cornwall, UK.
  4. Jane GRIBBEL, born ~1708 Cornwall, UK, chr. 24 April 1708 Cornwall, UK.
  5. Grace GRIBBEL, born ~1711 Cornwall, UK, chr. 20 May 1711 Cornwall, UK.
  6. Catherine GRIBBEL, born ~1714 Cornwall, UK, chr. 17 May 1714 Cornwall, UK.

V.1    Benjamin GRIBBELL (Gribble), born ~1701 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, chr. 22 April 1701 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, died Nov 1779 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, bur. 16 November 1779 Illogan, Cornwall, UK. Marr. 24 June 1724 Illogan, Cornwall, UK to Catherin(e),
died Jan 1764 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, bur. 18 January 1764 Illogan, Cornwall, UK. From this marriage:

  1. Benjamin GRIBBEL, born ~1725 Illogan, Cornwall, UK.
  2. Joseph GRIBBEL (see also VI.2).
  3. Richard GRIBBLE (Gribbell, Gribbel), born ~1731, chr. 11 July 1731 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, died Nov 1813 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, bur. 8 November 1813 Illogan, Cornwall, UK.Marr. 27 March 1758 Camborne, Cornwall, UK to Bridget HOSKIN, born ~1731, died Oct 1811 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, bur.
    23 October 1811 Illogan, Cornwall, UK.
  4. Mary GRIBBEL, born ~1740 Illogan,
    Cornwall, UK, chr. 14 September 1740 Illogan, Cornwall, UK.
  5. William GRIBBEL, born ~1742 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, chr. 4 April 1742 Illogan, Cornwall, UK.

VI.2    Joseph GRIBBEL, born ~1728 Illogan, Cornwall, UK, chr. 14 July 1728 Illogan, Cornwall, UK. Marr. Jul 1755 Illogan, Cornwall, UK to Anne WOOKES/WEEKES. From this marriage:

  1. Joseph GRIBBLE, born 18 June 1760 Illogan, Cornwall, UK.Marr. 9 July 1785 Redruth, Cornwall, UK to Martha MICHELL.

Descendants of Joseph GRIBBLE

I.1    Joseph GRIBBLE, born 18 June 1760 Illogan, Cornwall, Great Britain. Marr. 9 July 1785 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain to Martha MICHELL. From this marriage:

  1. John GRIBBLE (see also II.1).
  2. Ann GRIBBLE, born 19 June 1791 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain. Marr. 6 May 1809 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain to John JOHNS.
  3. Joseph GRIBBLE, born 8 February 1796 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain.
  4. Benjamin GRIBBLE, born 1803 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain.

II.1    John GRIBBLE, chr. 30 September 1786 Redruth, Cornwall, UK. Marr. 29 January 1804 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain to Ann VOCO. From this marriage:

  1. John GRIBBLE, born December 1804 Redruth, Cornwall, Great Britain
  2. William GRIBBLE (see also III.2).

III.2    William GRIBBLE, Tin Miner, born 13 March 1812 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 6 September 1876 Chacewater, Cornwall, Great Britain. Marr. 25 December 1833 Kenwyn, Cornwall, Great Britain to Elizabeth HARVEY, born 1814 Kenwyn,Cornwall, England, died 5 May 1889 Chacewater, Cornwall, Great Britain. From this marriage:

  1. William Henry GRIBBLE, born 9 April 1835 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 13 July 1862 Cornwall, Great Britain.
  2. Ann Sheppard GRIBBLE, born 13 March 1837 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 19 December 1845 Cornwall, Great Britain.
  3. Elijah GRIBBLE (see also IV.3).
  4. Grace Harvey GRIBBLE, born 2 February 1840 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 6 November 1845 Cornwall, Great Britain.
  5. Elizabeth GRIBBLE, born 16 April 1842 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died in USA. Marr. 15 July 1863 St. Agnes, Cornwall, Great Britain to Matthew HODGE, born Blackwater, Cornwall, Great Britain, died September 1918 California, USA, son of Thomas HODGE.
  6. Cyrus GRIBBLE, Tin miner, born 6 September 1844 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 18 March 1888 Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
    Marr. 23 January 1868 Chacewater, Cornwall, Great Britain to Mary MANLEY, born 15 December 1843 St. Agnes, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 1910, dau. of Samuel MANLEY and Mary Ann NANKIVIEL.
  7. Elisha GRIBBLE, born 30 May 1846 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 25 February 1860 Cornwall, Great Britain.
  8. Tobias GRIBBLE, born 30 May 1846 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 5 November 1891 Peru, South America. Marr. to Catherine Jane MOYLE.
  9. Ann Shepheard GRIBBLE, born 15 July 1847 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 30 January 1925. Marr. 25 June 1867 St. Agnes, Cornwall, Great Britain to Joseph TAMBLYN, born 21 December 1846 Chacewater, Cornwall, Great Britain, son of Joseph TAMBLYN.
  10. Edwin GRIBBLE, born 1 December 1850 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 16 July 1925 North Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. Marr. 1 August 1872 Chacewater, Cornwall, Great Britain to Mary Jane DAVEY, born 4 April 1853 Bissepool, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 24 July 1922 Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia, dau. of Benjamin DAVEY.
  11. Albert GRIBBLE, born 20 September 1851 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 1883 Cape Town, South Africa.
  12. Grace Harvey GRIBBLE, born 20 April 1852 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 1914 Plymouth, Devon, Great Britain. Marr. to ?TREGENNA.
  13. Frederick GRIBBLE, born 21 September 1854 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 17 December 1918. Marr. 30 April 1873 St. Agnes, Cornwall, Great Britain to Nanny DAVEY, died 21 August 1921, dau. of William DAVEY.
  14. Martha GRIBBLE, born 17 February 1856 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 30 January 1858 Cornwall, Great Britain.
  15. Brenchley GRIBBLE, born 2 May 1858 Creegbrawse, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 10 September 1858 Cornwall, Great Britain.

IV.3    Elijah GRIBBLE, born 18 December 1837 Creegbrawse, Kenwyn, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 12 October 1923 Bright, Victoria, Australia. Marr.16 April 1863 Beechworth, Victoria, Australia to Eliza JaneNANKERVIS born 15 April 1847 St. Just in Penwith, Cornwall, Great Britain, died 13 August 1923 Wandiligong, Vic, Australia, dau. of Thomas NANKERVIS, Dairy farmer, and Elizabeth ELLIS. From this marriage:

  1. Elizabeth Jane GRIBBLE, born 31 January 1864 Spring Creek, Victoria, Australia, died 28 September 1936 Perth, Western Australia. Marr. 5 March 1883 to Jack Harry JAMES, born 11 February 1860 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, died 1 August 1932, son of John Hall JAMES and Harriet Ann FRENCH.
  2. William Henry GRIBBLE (see also V.3).
  3. Mary Ann GRIBBLE, born 4 September 1869, died 15 March 1875 .
  4. Fredrick Brenchle GRIBBLE, born 14 May 1871, died 6 October 1951. Marr. (1) 10 February 1894 to Edith Dure MITCHELL, died 7 November 1922. Marr. (2) 1925 to Clive BELL, born 27 February 1896, died 6 April 1967 Yarra Junction, Victoria, dau. of Harold ABRA(M) and Mary MACLOCHLAN.
  5. Louise Ellen Maud GRIBBLE, born 1 March 1874, died 28 February 1972  Beechworth, Victoria, Australia. Marr. 4 October 1895 to John BEEL, born 19 February 1869 Beechworth, Victoria, Australia, died 9 April 1940 Beechworth, Victoria, Australia.
  6. Albert Thomas GRIBBLE, born 10 June 1877, died 21 March 1953 Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. Marr. 23 April 1901 to Eva May PROSSER.
  7. Marcus Elijah GRIBBLE, born 23 July 1879. Marr. 4 December 1907 to Carol Amy HUTCHINSON.
  8. Emma Priscilla GRIBBLE, born 11 November 1880, died 18 July 1962. Marr. 5 January 1905 to George Edwin MILLS , born 19 October 1877, died 29 April 1943.
  9. Annie Grace GRIBBLE, born 23 October 1886, died 24 November 1888.
  10. Ethel Mabel GRIBBLE, born 4 August 1889. Marr. 9 April 1912 to Michael Davey MATTHEWS.
  11. Charles Alfred Cyrus GRIBBLE, born 16 September 1891. Marr. (1) 31 January 1917 to Fairlie Elizabeth FALCONER, died 5 May 1918. Marr. (2) 3 November 1920 to Eunice TRESIZE.
Gribble men.

Gribble men.

V.3    William Henry GRIBBLE, born on 13 August 1866 in Growlers Creek, Vic, Australia, died on 15 July 1923 in Wandiligong, Vic, Australia at the age of 56. Married at the age of 24 on 13 August 1890 in Wandiligong, Vic, Australia (witnesses: Thomas Grenville and Elijah Gribble) to Mary Theresa GRENVILLE, 20 years old, born on 29 June 1870 in Growlers Creek, Vic, Australia, died on 15 January 1955 in Wandiligong, Vic at the age of 84, daughter of Thomas Hughes GRENVILLE, Butcher, and Elizabeth Mary PLAYER. From this marriage:

  1. William Henry Elijah GRIBBLE, born 16 June 1891, died 6 January 1956 Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia . Marr. 1918 to Emily Gertrude POPE, born 22 October 1892, died 15 July 1976 Richmond, Victoria, Australia, dau. of William POPE and Eliza Ella MATTHEWS.
  2. Joseph Frederick GRIBBLE, born 4 November 1893, died 30 June 1916 France .
  3. Stanley Thomas GRIBBLE, born 29 October 1895 Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia, died 4 August 1979 Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia. Marr. 29 March 1919 Cornwall, Great Britain to Doris Gwendoline SIMMONS, born 14 November 1897 Pengegon, Cornwall, UK, died  18 March 1988 Wandiligong, Victoria, Australia , dau. of James White SIMMONS and Cordelia Ann TAMBLYN.
  4. George Albert GRIBBLE (see also VI.27).
  5. Minnie Clemence GRIBBLE, born 21 October 1900, died 29 June 1945. Marr. 1925 to Charles Henry Edward GRAY.
  6. Robert Hughes GRIBBLE, born 31 May 1905, died 2 November 1970 Bright, Victoria. Marr. 12 April 1839 Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia to Myrtle Gertrude MULL, born 5 February 1905, died 19 June 1997 in Bright, Victoria, Australia
  7. Victor Clyde GRIBBLE, born 23 April 1907, died 21 July 1965 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.  Marr. to Willemmenia Ruth (Irene) HIGGINS, born 1912, died 30 August 1987.
George Albert Gribble My grandfather.

My grandfather George Albert Gribble (right).

VI.27    George Albert GRIBBLE, Labourer, born 12 December 1897 Wandiligong, Vic, Australia, died 5 September 1967 Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia, bur. Eldorado Cemetery, Victoria. Marr. 23 July 1919 Bright to Elizabeth HIGGINS, born 21 June 1899 Stanley, Vic, Australia, died 2 August 1970 Wangaratta, Vic, bur. Eldorado Cemetery, Victoria. Dau. of Ellen (Nelly) HIGGINS (Eggins).

  1. George Frederick GRIBBLE, Labourer, born 21 September 1920, died 15 December 1943 New Guinea, bur. LAE War Cemetery, New Guinea.
  2. Alma Maud GRIBBLE.
  3. Muriel Teresa GRIBBLE
  4. Keith William GRIBBLE, Barman, Labourer , born 13 April 1928, died 24 October 1998 Boonah, QLD , bur. Boonah, QLD
  5. Eva Victoria GRIBBLE, Tram conductress , Home duties, born 14 April 1930 Wyangala Dam, NSW, died Dec 1978 Moyhu, Victoria, bur. Eldorado Cemetery. Leonard MERRIFIELD, Truck driver, born 21 August 1929, died 11 April 1985 Sydney , son of MERRIFIELD and Margaret (Peg) HIGGINS.
  6. Betty June GRIBBLE, Home duties, shop assistant, born 7 June 1937, died 7 October 1995 Wangaratta Hospital , bur. Oct 1995 Hyem Cemetery. Marr. to Arthur WILLIAMS, Transport driver, died Dec 1978 Moyhu, bur. Dec 1978 Hyem Cemetery.

44 thoughts on “Descendants of Thomas Gribble

  1. Hello,my name is Ashley. I find your website fascinating as it has alot of detail,i myself am also fascinated in the Gribble family tree. My father is Peter John Gribbleho is the son of Victor Clyde Gribble and Wilhelmena Ruth Gribble (nee; Higgins),Victor Clyde Gribble being 1 of 5 sons of William Henry Gribble. I would love to have more contact with yourself if possible to find out more and to eange infowith you. If you like,you can contact me via email or by my mobile number 0478 661 041.
    thank you for your time in reading my email and i hope to hear from you in the very near future. sincerely Ashley.

    • Ashley, not sure if I replied to you earlier….sorry if I didn’t.
      I have heard my mother talk about her uncle Vic. I am actually connected to Wilhemina Higgins as well. My grandmother was a Higgins and grandfather a Gribble.
      Feel free to contact me if you want to exchange more information.

  2. Hi Fam,

    I am of Elijah Gribble —> Elijah Marcus Gribble —-> Marcus “Jack” Gribble —-> Graham Gribble —-> ME (David Gribble b. 11/11/1966 Cottelsoe, Perth WA.

    I am travelling to Wandiligong VIC later this year to see what I can find of our history. Any tips? Gravestones to find.

    I just noticed Keith William Gribble up in the list used to work at Boonah Qld as a barman. I have stopped in a Boonah Pub numerous times for refreshments! How quaint!

    Thanks and Regards
    Dave Gribble – Currently Qld.

  3. I am also related to Elijah Gribble. My mother is Dianne Gribble, daughter of Joseph Gribble, I share the same lineage as Sue Brewer Prevos i.e William Henry Elijah Gribble is one of my direct decendants. There is a book called Bright Gold that includes some Gribble history including photos. There is another book about the history of Wandiligong that also has Gribble history/photos as well – not sure if these books are still in print.

    • Lincoln, I have a copy of the Wandiligong book. Not sure if I have seen the Bright Gold book. My mother was born in Bright.

      • I showed your website to my mother and her brother, they are the two remaining Gribbles from this strand – they were very happy to read through your research. I’ll look for the actual name of that other book for you

  4. i also have photos of Joseph Frederick GRIBBLE, who was killed in action in 1916 and buried in France. I have a photo of his headstone. I can scan these for you and other photos of the Gribbles I have if you like

    • I actually visited Ration Farm cemetery last year, so have photos of Joseph Frederick Gribble’s headstone. I have one photo of Joseph, which was on the Commonwealth War Graves website.
      I would be interested to see what other Gribble photos you have. I am willing to exchange any photos that I have that you may be interested in.

  5. thanks, I will see what I can scan and send them. may take some time but Im sure we both have pics the other may not have

  6. Until my nephew Lincoln sent me this link I never had much interest in our family tree. Having read all the above I am now fascinated. My grandfather was William Henry Elijah Gribble(1891-1956) and had three sons Joseph William (my father) Russell and Donald. All are now deceased – my father leaving myself and sister who Lincoln has mentioned,Russell with 5 children and Donald without issue. I can probably obtain dates of birth and death and the relative names if you so desire. A story which has been in the family for more years than me is that 5 brothers came from Hamburg Germany to fight with King Richard in the Crusades and for services rendered they received land in Cornwall. Whether this is in fact true or just a fairy story is unknown as is which Richard and which Crusade. The person 2nd from the right in the photo shown in V3 is my grandfather. Hope this information is of use to you. Regards Barry

    • Hi Barry,

      Family history can become quite addictive. There are always mysteries to solve.
      So, our grandfathers were brothers. My mother would have known your grandfather.
      My mother is still alive (88yo) and so is one of her sisters (86yo). I am the youngest of eight children, one of my brother’s is deceased.
      Dianne is the only child I have listed in my database for your father’s children. I can now add some more names.
      Had you seen the photo before that I have on the website, with the Gribble men and their mother?

      An interesting family story about the origins of Gribbles in Cornwall. When I visited Cornwall in 1999 I didn’t realise the Gribbles came from there. At the time I was researching my dad’s family, who also came from Cornwall. Might get back one day.

      Always interested to exchange information and fill the gaps.

    • Hi I am descended from Cyrus Gribble Elijah’s brother.My great uncle did a lot of research on the family when he was in Cornwall in the 1940s. The “fable” of four German brothers coming to the UK as soldiers and being granted land was wide spread among the various Gribble families both in Cornwall and Devon. Of course repeating it doesn’t make it true but its an interesting concept. I had’t thought about the crusades but did wonder about the civil war between Stephen and Matilda who had been married to the Holy Roman Emperor and brought many German soldiers to England – the west was a stronghold of hers throughout the war. On the other hand while there are German origins of the name Gribble there is also Cornish interpretations one is a crab apple and the other a sea louse. Given that I think I would like to go with the German fable! Regards Dorothy Baker

  7. My Nan was Annis Kelly b.14/1/1888 Growlers Ck. went to school with Benjamin Gribble – life long friends. A photo of Wandiligong 1890 is in the hall donated by Marcus Jack Gribble I took a photo rather disjointed. does anyone have any old photo’s? The Bright Cemetry is on internet & has headstone photo’s.

  8. I had afternoon tea with Libby (Elizabeth) Gribble who still resides in Wandiligong, as do her offspring, and also crossed the Gribble/Grenville Bridge. She mentioned her brother, Grenny (Grenvillle) Gribble who is also a colourful character around those parts.

    Also saw the site of the Gribble homstead – down Morses Creek Rd. House long gone – but a large/old pine tree and flat ground mark its location to this day.

    I removed a pebble from the creek as a momento of my ancestors whom would have panned this very creek 150 years ago – I believe what they got from it was worth a lot more than my pebble. 🙂

    This area was also home to many Chinese Nationals to which there is a memorial bridge crossing the creek.

    I wanted to take my piccy in Gribble Road – but seeing the actual terrain, it is nearly a vertical climb to get to the very many forrestry roads (one of which is named Gribble Road).

  9. Hello, I am great granddaughter of Edwin and Mary Jane Gribble. I have done quite a bit of research on the family and may have things of interest. I currently researching the ww1 histories of the gribble Boys, especially Clarence Gribble
    Regards, Jennifer

    • Jennifer. I have just discovered this site. Sadly Clarence was KIA as was Joseph Frederick KIA 30 June 1916. My grandfather Stanley returned as did William Henry Elijah but both were injured and suffered mustard gas poisoning. I was 27years when my grandfather Stan died and I was very close to him. I am happy to help with history or stories as much as I can.
      Sincerely yours
      Jann Gribble Williams

      • Hi Jann, sorry I haven’t checked in here for quite a while! I would love to have further contact with you. I have done quite a bit of research on Clarrie Gribble. Hoping to hear from you.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I have a copy of the war records of my grandfather’s brother, Joseph Frederick Gribble, who died in France in WW1. I have also visited his grave in France.
      Regards Sue

  10. Anyone related to Robert Blake Gribble from Barnstaple, born about 1837? He moved to Cardiff in the 1850s-1860’s

  11. Sue. I have just discovered your family history site. Amazing. I have this week just received an original photo of the V3 Gribble Men on this site. I couldn’t believe the timing. .My father Denzil must have had the photo for a while.

    I am the granddaughter of Stanley Thomas Gribble and Doris Simmons of Wandiligong. I am presently researching Joseph Frederick Gribble as part of a Gallipoli Descendants project. But also on SBS there is currently playing a Australian Riot programme and our eldest son was playing Henry Morgan from the Buckland section of the tv series. I was telling him of our connection to Gold mining both in NE Victoria but also to tin mining in Cornwall. I still remember visiting the ” Juvenile “‘ mine holidaying in Wandiligong.

    Doris and Stanley were related and he was given her address to visit while he was in England for WW1. The address is handwritten in his private war diary that a have and are presently trying to copy as writing very faded. They had a lifelong love affair. Devoted to each other. Met, fell in love and married in a serious short time interval.

    I have so enjoyed learning about my paternal family history from you. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely

    Jann Gribble Williams

  12. Happy to hear from anyone re Gribbles. Have been working lately on other areas of family history so have neglected Gribbles for a bit.
    Grandmother is Alberta Gribble (Married Haack) daughter of Edwin and Mary Jane Gribble. Have photos and some information.

  13. Sue
    D/o Joseph GRIBBLE and Martha MICHELL. Martha chr 21 april 1793.
    She was my 2nd g. grandmother, she married John Nankivell PHILLIPS in St Agnes in 1816
    OPC Database for Martha baptism rec# 3943498.
    OPC Database for Martha marriage rec#986183

  14. My grandfather Benjamin Gribble immigrated to America when he was a little boy. He came from Wales. My name is Richard and I see where Richard Gribble born in 1735 had a father named Benjamin and my father was Benjamin also.

  15. Hi, my wife’s deceased mother Frances Booth Cotton had a family friend in her teens (during the late 1940’s) whose name was Len Merrifield and was a truck driver.

    I see in your page that a Leonard Merrifield was married to Eva Gribble. I am trying to find out if Eva’s husband may have been that family friend. He had a daughter Cheryl who my wife remembers meeting in Glenhuntly. If there was a photo of your Len available we could show it to a surviving aunt for confirmation.

    Any information would be helpful.

  16. Hello Sue,

    I apologise for the late reply. Thank you for the information.

    I did not want to present the full circumstances behind my request in case Eva’s husband had no connection to the Len we were looking for.

    In fact, my wife’s now deceased mother was the person who had the relationship with Len and was Cheryl’s mother. Cheryl is my wife’s younger half-sister and my wife has been trying to find her. Len’s parents apparently looked after Cheryl and we were told by an elderly family member, also now deceased, that Cheryl was taken to England. My wife has been trying to trace her for the past ten years.

    Best wishes
    Roger Fedyk

  17. Hello Sue
    I am looking for Sandra Merrifield, her parents were Eva and Len Merrifield . We went to St Joseph’s together and spent a lot of time together. Sandra’s cousins David Brewer and Peter Matherson spent lots of that time with us . After school we both moved away, me to New Zealand and Sandra to Corio. your site is the closest I have got to finding her. I’m hoping you may be able to help me. Regards. Therese Tua (née Trimble )

    • Hi Therese,
      I have passed on your comment to Sandy (who is my cousin). David was my brother – not sure if you know but he passed away in 1988. Peter is my cousin but have not seen him for years.

  18. My grandmother was Minnie Clemence Gribble – my mother Margaret Clemence GRAY and her bother Mervyn GRAY my uncle both born in Wandiligong now deceased. I believe we have direct line of heritage to Thomas Grybell in 1584.
    Love to share the information and photos on the families here in Australia. The Gribble line on this side of the tree does not continue. But we are very proud to know our family background and the strong connection to Cornwell and our heritage that builds the story going forward.

    • Hi Marzia,
      So your grandmother was my grandfather’s sister (my great-aunt). I remember my mother talking about her Aunty Minnie.
      I’m happy to share information and photos if I can.

  19. Hi Just wondering if anyone has more information on Ann Voco who married John Gribble in 1804. I can find no information on her or the Voco family. I am thinking that alternate spellings may have been Varcoe, Vaco or Vascoe. The only other place that seems to have the name Voco is in Poland or Brazil with the link to Portugal. A real mystery and a definite gap in the Gribble family history! Any assistance grateful received

  20. Hi
    My mother in laws uncle, Robert Brown married Beatrice Gribble from Wandiligong. She died in 2009 and they had no children. Has anyone got info on her parents please.

    • Hi Terry,

      According to my database Beatrice Gribble’s parents were:
      Benjamin Davey Gribble b.25 Feb 1888 Wandiligong d.9 Nov 1974 Wandiligong m.1920
      Emily Isabel Crofts b.1890 Wandiligong d.12 Sep 1970 Bright

      Benjamin’s parents were:
      Edwin Gribble b.1 Dec 1850 Creebrawse, Cornwall d.16 Jul 1925 North Fitzroy m.1 Aug 1872 Chacewater, Cornwall
      Mary Jane Davey b.4 Apr 1853 Bissepool, Cornwall d.24 Jul 1922 Wandiligong

      Edwin Gribble’s parents were my Great x3 grandparents:
      William Gribble b.13 Mar 1812 Creegbrawse, Cornwall d.6 Sep 1876 Chacewater, Cornwall m.25 Dec 1833 Kenwyn, Cornwall
      Elizabeth Harvey b.1814 Kenwyn, Cornwall d.5 May 1889 Chacewater, Cornwall

      Emily Isobel Crofts parents were:
      John Crofts
      Elizabeth Snell

      I don’t have any other information, other than the dates.


  21. My great grandfather William Knight Gribble was from Red Ruth. He was a mining engineer. He left his wife and 2 sons to travel to India and then to south Africa. He ended up in Butte Montana where he ran into 1 of his sons. From there they moved to Mullan Idaho. He left England about 1875 and ended up in Montana about 1895. Would love to have more contact and find out more history.

  22. This is a long shot but can anyone help me with my search into the Gribble family. Here is What I know. My maternal Grandfather was Richard Gribble from Nelson Lancashire, whose parents were Isaac Benjamin Gribble (Born in Coniston, Cumbria) and Ellen Gribble ( Born in Wesham, Lancashire) After some moving about they settled in Nelson, Lancashire, on the same street my Grandparents lived and my mum was born.
    Isaac Benjamin b 27.08.1865 d Sept 1939, his parents were John Gribble born 1839 in Warton, Lancashire, and Jane Gribble nee Hutchinson, born 1844 in Keswick. Jane died in Lancaster Lunatic Asylum in 1924. (My great great grandparents). This is where it gets more interesting, Johns parents were Benjamin Gribble (born July 1808 in Illogan, Cornwall, died in 1875 in Coniston, Cumbria)and Grace Gribble born 1810 in Camborne, Cornwall, died September 1838 in Warton, Lancashire. I can only assume that this migration was for work.
    My mum told me that her father Richard Gribble used to tell her as a child that she was descended from Cornish tin miners, but she always believed that to be a joke until I started my research.
    I have found links to the Prideaux family in Cornwall but it’s getting more complicated now. Also, my maternal grandmother, Peggy Gribble nee Nutter, moved to Lauderdale in Tasmania in approx 1975 ( I was 2 at the time and unfortunately never met her, only spoke on the phone) after the death of my grandfather. She lived there until her death in the 90’s. Her sister Elsie Cook moved there several years before her.
    If anyone can help me with any info on any of the above, I would greatly appreciate it.

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