Descendants of John Higgins

Names and Locations connected to the HIGGINS family

  • Brewer – CORNWALL, England; Buckland Valley, Eldorado – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Grenville – Growler’s Creek – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Gribble – Growler’s Creek, Wandiligong – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Harkness – DUMFRIES SHIRE, Scotland
  • Higgins – Dublin – Ireland; Maneroo – NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia
  • Moore – Cowra – NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia
  • Parker – KENT, England; Hastings – SUSSEX, England
  • Ransom – KENT, England; Hastings – SUSSEX, England
  • Strachan – Scotland; Black Dog Creek, Chiltern – VICTORIA, Australia
  • Wilde – Dublin – Ireland

Descendants of John HIGGINS

I.1    John HIGGINS, miner, born ~1803 Dublin, Ireland, died 12 April 1869 Ovens Hospital Beechworth, Vic, Australia, bur. 13 April 1869 Beechworth Cemetery, Vic, Australia, son of James HIGGINS, shoemaker, and Anne WILDE. Marr. ~1842 Queanbeyan, NSW to Tryphena (Triphena) PARKER (Perkins), born 11 April 1827 Kent/Sussex England, chr. 13 May 1827 Hastings, Sussex, England, died 16 August 1898 Great Northern, Shire of Rutherglen, Vic, Australia , bur. 18 August 1898 Chiltern New Cemetery, Vic, Australia, dau.r of John Wesley PARKER, Carpenter, Cabinet Maker, Clergyman, and HannahRANSOM. From this marriage:

  1. William Thomas HIGGINS (see also II.1).
  2. James HIGGINS, chr. 1844 New South Wales.
  3. Anne HIGGINS, chr. 1847 New South Wales.
  4. Jane HIGGINS, chr. 1849 New South Wales.
  5. Mary HIGGINS, chr. 1851 New South Wales, died 1871 Victoria.
  6. Martha HIGGINS, chr. 1854 New South Wales.
  7. John HIGGINS, born 1856 Beechworth, Victoria.
  8. Kezia Mary HIGGINS, born 1859 Beechworth, Vic, Australia.
  9. Peter HIGGINS, born 21 January 1861 Indigo, Vic, Australia, died 1880.
  10. Frederick Charles HIGGINS, born 1865 Chiltern, Vic.

William Thomas Higgins Great x2 Grandfather.

II.1    William ThomasHIGGINS, Carrier, born ~1842 Maneroo, NSW, chr. 1843 Maneroo, NSW. Marr. (1) 14 October 1867 Beechworth, Victoria to Mary STRACHAN, servant, born ~1850 Black Dog Creek near Chiltern, Vic, Australia, died 9 March 1917 Ovens District Hospital, Beechworth, Vic, Australia, bur. 11 March 1917 Stanley Cemetery, Vic, Australia, dau. of John STRACHAN, Cattle dealer, carpenter, and Elizabeth HARKNESS. Marr. (2) 1919 to Louisa Annie MORELAND. From the first marriage:

  1. Mary Ann HIGGINS, born 1868 Beechworth, Victoria. Marr. 1888 Wooragee, Vic, Australia to John (Jack, George?) KENDALL (Kendell, Kendel).
  2. Catherine (Kate) HIGGINS, born 1871 Chiltern, Victoria. Marr. to George TURNER.
  3. Jane HIGGINS, born ~1872.
  4. Ellen (Nelly) HIGGINS (Eggins) (see also III.6).
  5. Alice Victoria HIGGINS, born 1876 Wodonga, Victoria, died 1939 Beechworth, Vic, Australia. Marr. 1908 to MurrayMURDOCH.
  6. William Frederic HIGGINS, born  1879 Wodonga, Victoria, died 1960 Glen, Victoria. Married to Rachel Ruth PERT
  7. Keziah (Kizzy) HIGGINS, born 22 November 1881 Wodonga, Victoria, Australia, died 7 July 1949 Ovens District Hospital, Beechworth. Marr. 1909 to Alexander GLADSTONE.
  8. John Thomas HIGGINS (Jack), born 1884 Wodonga, Victoria, died 1954 Porepunkah, Victoria. Marr. 1912 Wodonga (?) to Bridget (Biddy) BOSSE (Bossie), born ~1888, died 1956 Bright, Victoria, dau. of Mathew BOSSIE and BUCKLEY.
  9. Lilian Christina (Lily) HIGGINS, born 1887 Tallangatta, Victoria, died 1961 Preston, Vic, Australia. Marr. 1907 to William Joseph BENTLEY.
  10. Laura HIGGINS , born 1889 Tallangatta, Vic, Australia. Marr. 1914 to Edward BENTLEY.
  11. Arthur Jas (Ned) HIGGINS, born 1891 Chiltern, Vic, Australia, died 1974 Tallangatta, Vic, Australia. Marr. to Ethel CLARKE.
  12. George Hy HIGGINS, born 1895 Stanley, Vic, Australia, died 1896 Stanley, Vic, Australia.
Ellen Higgins

Ellen Higgins.

III.6    Ellen (Nelly) HIGGINS (Eggins), born on 18 December 1873 in South Wooragee near Yackandandah, Vic, Australia, died on 13 August 1942 in Cowra(?), NSW, Australia at the age of 68, buried 1942 in Cowra, NSW, Australia.


  1. Elsie HIGGINS, born 7 Dec 1894 Stanley, died 25 Feb 1895 Stanley, buried 26 Feb 1895 Stanley Cemetery.
  2. ElizabethHIGGINS (see also III.3).
  3. Rose HIGGINS, born 3 Jun 1902 Stanley, died 21 Jul 1902 Stanley, buried 23 Jul 1902 Stanley Cemetery.

Married to William James MOORE, bricklayer. From this marriage:

  1. Nellie May MOORE, born ~Jan 1911, died 7 February 1911 Cowra, NSW, Australia, bur. Cowra, NSW, Australia.
  2. Dorothy May MOORE, born 27 June 1914, died 27 August 1984.
    Marr. 16 January 1935 to Oscar James AMOS, 11 July 1913, died 8 November 1998 NSW.
  3. Mary Jane MOORE, born ~May 1916, died 30 July 1917 Cowra, NSW, Australia, bur. Cowra, NSW, Australia.
  4. Ellen MOORE, died 23 July 1942 Cowra[?], NSW, Australia.
  5. Daisy MOORE. Married to Henry BENTLEY, son of Edward BENTLEY and Laura HIGGINS .


III.3    Elizabeth HIGGINS, born 21 June 1899 Stanley, died 2 August 1970, buried Eldorado Cemetery. Marr. 23 July 1919 Bright, Vic, Australia to George Albert GRIBBLE, 12 December 1897 Wandiligong, Vic, Australia, died 5 September 1967 Wangaratta, Vic, Australia, bur. Eldorado Cemetery, son of William Henry GRIBBLE and Mary Teresa GRENVILLE. From this marriage:

  1. George Frederick GRIBBLE.
  2. Alma Maud GRIBBLE.
  3. Muriel Teresa May GRIBBLE.
  4. Keith William GRIBBLE.
  5. Eva Victoria GRIBBLE.
  6. Betty June GRIBBLE.

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    • Hi Yvonne,
      I actually had contact from someone in your family….sorry her name has slipped my memory at present. We exchanged some letters. I think was your cousin…I’m sure Lillian was her grandmother. Can’t remember which Bentley boy was her father. Will have to find the letters.
      It was at least two years ago that she wrote to me.


  1. My father was Allan Stanley Bentley and I would be very interested in any cousins I might have from that line.

  2. Hi
    Lillian Christina was my grandmother. My father Henry Charles . I was named after her. So I would be a direct cousin

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