Descendants of John Wesley Parker

I.1    John Wesley PARKER, Carpenter, Clergyman. Marr. to Hannah RANSOM, dau. of Edward RANSOM and Mary. From this marriage:

  1.  Tryphena (Triphena) PARKER (Perkins, Harker), born 11 April 1827 in Kent/Sussex? England, chr. 13 May 1827 in Hastings, Sussex, England, died 16 August 1898 Great Northern, Rutherglen, Vic, bur. 18 August 1898 Chiltern New Cemetery, Vic, Australia. Marr. ~1842 Queanbeyan, NSW, to John HIGGINS, miner, born ~1803 Dublin, Ireland, died 12 May 1869 Oven’s District Hospital, Beechworth, Vic, Australia, bur. 13 April 1869 Beechworth, Vic, Australia, son of James HIGGINS, Shoemaker, and Anne WILDE.
  2.  William PARKER, born 19 March 1829 Sussex, England, chr. 8 April 1829 Hastings, Sussex, England.
  3. Miriam PARKER, born 7 May 1831 Sussex, England, chr. 12 June 1831 Hastings, Sussex, England.
  4. Kezia PARKER, born 10 March 1833 Sussex, England, chr. 1 April 1833 Hastings, Sussex, England.
  5. John Wesley PARKER, born 4 March 1835 Sussex, England, chr. 29 March 1835 Hastings, Sussex, England.
  6. Mahala PARKER, chr. 9 July 1837 Brede, Sussex, England.

4 thoughts on “Descendants of John Wesley Parker

  1. Thanks for the information Sue, I’m interested to find out what year John Wesley Parker immigrated to Australia. I’m assuming this was with the rest of the family. He would be my Great, great, great, great Grand father, on my mothers side. She being born a Donchi. Great grand daughter of John Batista Donchi who married Tryphena’s daughter Jane Higgins. I’m also trying to find out what parish he was a preacher at in Sussex, but that’s a whole other story. I’ll let you know if I find out anything interesting.

    • Hi Peter,
      Sorry I can’t help you with the immigration information. I haven’t delved that deep into that branch of the family yet.
      Any interesting info would be great.

  2. I have both the Parkers and the Donchis in my tree, being a direct descendant of Thomas and Keturah Manser whose son, Stephen, married Dorothy Ransom (Hannah’s sister).
    As far as I can determine, the Parkers came to Australia with the children in 1838 on board the Palmyra (though I havn’t actually seen a passenger document). Tryphena married the following year.
    What I am interesting in finding are details of his work in England, and where he worked in Australia. He seems to have dropped off the record except for the birth of children. Regards, Colleen.

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