Family history by Sue Brewer-PrevosI’ve always been interested in my family’s history and in 1999, whilst living in the Netherlands for a year, was able to start some serious research. As everyone knows it is a long and dedicated task to research one’s history. My job has been made much easier because I have come across other (some distant) relatives who are doing similar research. By exchanging information with these people and by doing my own research, my knowledge of my family has grown considerably.

I started my research focussing on my father’s branch of the family, the BREWER line, somewhere along the way I have managed to become sidetracked on the other branches of my tree. With lots of names and dates in my tree now, I hope to delve deeper into the lives of my ancestors and to be able to draw some picture of who they were and how they lived their lives.

Research back to the 1500’s and 1600’s shows 100% ancestry in the British Isles and Ireland. My website gives a summary of my grandparents families.

My paternal grandparents:


My maternal grandparents:


If you wish to know further details of my family, or if you are connected to my tree and want to exchange information, please contact me.

I’d like to make a special acknowledgement to the following people, for their time and energy in researching family history and their willingness to share and exchange their findings with other family members.

  • Paul Brewer for his extensive research in Cornwall.
  • Maria Brandl for her extensive research in Australia.
  • Margaret Owens for her extensive research in Cornwall and Australia.
  • Linda Mackie, Marie Wickenton, Judy Davis, Bill Gribble and Rita Magris.
  • Also to other family members who have made contributions.

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  1. Hi Sue,

    My Great Grandmother was Maria Crack she married Edmund Jacob Jessup they had a son Irwin Crack Jessup he married Violet

    Adeline Douglas they had 5 daughters 1 son the 4th daughter Irene Gladys Jessup is my mother.

    My mother is still alive she is 86 years in Feb 2012 Do you know more of Maria or the Jessup family Hope to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Adele,

      Maria Crack was my greatx2 grandmother and I am descended from her illegitimate daughter, Sarah Ann, who she had before marrying Edmund Jessup.

      On my website there is a link to a book called From Cornwall to Eldorado. My husband wrote this book a couple of years ago compiling some of my family history research. In that book there is a chapter which gives some information about Maria and Edmund.
      I also have a copy of a newspaper article about a Jessup family reunion that was held a few years ago.

      I did meet a guy who worked at the Beechworth museum who was a Jessup descendent. I’m not sure if he still works there.

      Regards Sue

  2. Hi Sue,
    I am the daughter of Ken Ellen – son of Edgar Ellen. My father Ken Ellen lives in Central Queensland. Last year we travelled to Victoria with my parents and celebrated Val Ellen’s 100th birthday with many of the Ellen family. I am in contact with Garry Ellen – grandson of William Ellen – Newcastle Ellen family.
    I am also in contact with Joan Wells – descendant of Daisy Ellen.
    Tonight I will print off your Cornwall – Eldorado story and post it to my father.
    My father remembers much of the family history should you wish to contact him.
    Sarah Ann and her husband are buried at Bowman Forest but there is no headstone.
    Look forward to hearing from you. Lorraine

    • Hi Lorraine,

      I recently had contact Susie Ellen, Cliff Ellen’s daughter. Have had contact with Cliff in the past as well.
      When I was young my mother and I used to stay with Val Ellen when my dad was having respite visits at the Repat Hospital in Heidelburg.


      • Sue, – My father said that his father Edgar Ellen was born on 18th September. I do not know how to make contact with you without going through this site. The lovely Val passed away in October. I flew down to the funeral. He and my father were such good mates. He is sorely missed.

        • Hi Lorraine,

          You can contact me through my email:
          sueatprevos.net (just substitute the word ‘at’ for the symbol @).

          I had not seen Val for many years and was saddened to hear of his passing. My mother had kept in contact over the years.
          He was very good to my dad when he was sick.


  3. Hi Guys – I can add a little from my particular branch of the Gribble Tree – but all acknowledgement must go to the wonderful Judy Davis whom sent me and rather large and well researched Geneology book concerning the Gribbles of Wandiligong VIC (formerly Cornwall) of whom, I am descended.

    Cheers, Dave

    • Hi Dave
      We have the same name and links to Cornwell, i am interested in what history you have on the Gribbles of Wandiligong

  4. Hi, Sue;

    Add me and mine to the clan. We are descended through William Martyn md. to Ann Brewer, my greats x4. Our family wound up in the US in the mid-1800’s. The downward to us is: William Martyn+Ann Brewer = William Martyn+Maria Carne = Ann Maria Martyn+William Bowley = Bessie Carne Bowley+Hiram Houghton Parker = Mary Lucille Parker+Ralph Neal Shepard = Sarah Ann Penelope Shepard+Carl Eugene Jack = Wendy Jack.

    Its nice to have some family from “down under.”

    So happy to have found your site.


  5. Am currently researching my wife’s Brewer family and have been able to trace back to Arthur Brewer’s christening on 2 April 1723 in St. Ervan (Conwall, England), her 5th great grandfather. Her 2nd great grandfather, Richard Samson (Sampson), immigrated to Canada in the 1850’s.

    • Hi Stuart, Your wife’s Brewer family is not connected to mine, however, I do have your Arthur Brewer in data I was given on all Brewers in Cornwall. It has names going back a couple generations from Arthur.
      Regards Sue

  6. Hi Sue and Peter
    This afternoon I found the grandson of William Alfred ELLEN. Will be able to get details of W A Ellen, his son Vernon A Ellen wife and his wife, daughters and son _ Vernon William Ellen born 1935 who lives in Wallsend a Suburb of Newcastle NSW. Do you have an email as I can send some photos. The likeness of Vern (who is now 79) to your picture of William Ellen is striking. Vern is my step father. Cheers Julie Fitzgerald if_qbn@bigpond.com

  7. Hello Sue My connection to Ellen is via my Great Aunt Violet Jones who married William Alfred Ellen. I found yur site via a Google search and read the ebook on Ellen. I had another Great Aunt Ida Nellie Jones who married Ernest Champion Ottrey. Regards Kathryn

  8. Hi my name is Richard Brewer and I am a direct decendant of Richard Brewer born around 1635 who died in St Ervan Cornwall in 1682.
    I came across Sue Prevos’s family history when trawling the internet recently and would like to reach her to give her some more information.
    Our family tree splits at John Brewer and Richard Brewer in the early 1800’s
    Can anybody confirm if sue@prevos.net is her correct e-mail address please.
    best wishes
    Richard Brewer (UK)

  9. Hi, my name is Amy Reynolds, I came across this site while searching for information regarding my Great Grandfather Henry Louis Player Grenville’s butcher shop in Bright Victoria (due to currently living in Mansfield Victoria). I believe that my mum (Anne Reynolds nee Grenville) has some family history. Thank you for the information on this site.

    Amy Reynolds

    • Hi Amy, your great grandfather was my uncle Harry, my father Arnold Edward (Ted) was the youngest of the family. their father Thomas had butcher shop in Wandiligong, when he died in 1909 Harry and Ted ran shop for a while then Ted left. later years Harry moved to Bright -.I hope this helps you
      Ted Grenville

  10. Hi Sue
    Stumbled across your web site when looking for a Sarah Ann Player and your connections with Indigo Valley. I have a Sarah Ann Player who married a William B Shugg in Yackandandah….is this the same person ? I have her father as George Player and born in Westminster London in 1842.

    kind regards
    Bonnie Hibbett

    • Hi Bonnie,
      I can’t find the connection in my data but that doesn’t mean it’s not the same person. I’d imagine there weren’t many George Players in Yackandandah at that time.


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